I am LC. In the past, I worked in Information Security in Silicon Valley. In 2012, I decided to give up the well-paying, great benefits, stable, corporate job to become a broke-ass, culinary student in San Francisco, California. I completed the culinary program in 2014. A humbling experience, to say the least. Now, I work with small business, food entrepreneurs. The push to do something wildly different (and what motivates me to this day) comes from a couple of thoughts:

  1. Wanting to do something where I feel a sense of accomplishment
  2. Wanting to do something that brings me happiness everyday

I am so fortunate to be able to:

  • wake up excited and full of energy (passion) to do something fun and creative
  • bring value to small businesses
  • connect with people through a common ground
  • learn and improve in my field and life, indefinitely

Here’s a couple of tidbits about my food life:

  • Favorite meal of the day: breakfast
  • Cooking style: Soups, stews, and one-pot, hearty dishes
  • Eating style: homey, healthy, hearty, clean, and balanced
  • Back to basics: I strive for homemade & from scratch, as much as possible. I do not buy or use “box mixes” that end up as a dish or dessert. You’ll find many of my posts titled as, “better-than-box” or, “homemade.” I’m pretty strict and try to challenge myself to make dishes or desserts better than coming out of a box. I don’t mind the extra time or labor and find that it’s well worth it. My philosophy is that I don’t like eating ingredients that list additives and chemicals that I have no idea what they are from first glance. However, I will take the time to look them up and see what purpose they serve in processed foods.

This blog is a chronicling of my food journey from college (food dabbling in the kitchen since 2007) through corporate world (2008 – 2012), culinary school (2013-2014) and beyond.




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