I bought regular green cabbage the other day because I like eating sauteéd cabbage as a side dish.  I cooked maybe an 1/8th of the whole head with some Gai Lan/Chinese broccoli (store bought) and komatsuna/Japanese mustard spinach leaves (from my garden). I sauteéd it with 4-5 garlic cloves with a ladle of freshly made chicken stock and about 1 T of tamari sauce. It was delicious! But that’s not what this post is really about…it’s about making sauerkraut with the rest of the cabbage I had left!

I quartered the cabbage, then halved the quarters. Afterward, I sliced thin “ribbons” and salted the cabbage ribbons with about (2) full, 5-finger pinches of fine sea salt, tossing by hand in a glass mixing bowl (with gloves on, of course). After about an hour or so (ensuring there’s enough liquid released from the cabbage to cover it in a mason jar), I stuffed the cabbage into a mason jar, packing it down to make more liquid release and cover the cabbage. You can see bubbles surfacing (this is fermentation). Finally, I topped it with a plastic lid — as it needs to breathe and let gasses out while fermentation takes place at room temp over the next couple of days (or weeks).


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