Roasted Red Pepper and Corn Chowder

Roasted red pepper and corn chowder

I got inspired from a recent trip to Sedona, Arizona and Southwestern cuisine at a restaurant called Hudson. Their chowder was so good I had to go back a second time to order it. However, consistency among the two days and two dishes that I had ordered (butternut squash ravioli and the corn chowder) were not there. The second time I had the two dishes were completely disappointing! šŸ˜¦ I’m going to chalk it up to a different BoH working staff…

In any case, I came home anxious to try to make my own. My chowder ended up being much brighter and less spiced; however, still good. I cheated with canned corn and canned green chilies, but you can replace with fresh (which I’m sure is better). My recipe below:

Roasted Red Bell Peppers and Corn Chowder

3 red bell peppers, broiled until charred

3 small fingerlings, cooked (sauteed, boiled, roasted, etc)

1 Q Chicken stock

Ā½ carrot, shredded

1 onion, diced

1 can green chilies, rinsed

1-2 cans corn, rinsed

1 T Chili powder

6 Turns Black pepper

2 T Garlic powder

2 T Smoked paprika

1 T Paprika

1 T Oregano

1 t Turmeric, ground

1 t Cumin, ground

Worcestershire, dash

3 T Tomato sauce

Cayenne (to taste)

Cilantro, garnish


  1. After broiling bell peppers, remove the seeds and puree the meat with the cooked potatoes and enough chicken stock liquid to whirl in a blender/Vitamix.
  2. Saute onion, carrots, spices, tomato sauce, worcestershire, corn, green chilies in a large stock pot until fragrant. Add in bell pepper and potato puree and the remaining chicken stock. Bring to a boil. Allow to simmer on low until ready to serve. Adjust spices and s&p to taste.

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