Homemade Pizza & Farmer’s Market Salad

Homemade 00 Pizza & Farmer's Market Salad

This is the second attempt of homemade pizza dough — a 00 flour + all purpose flour mix. My first post described that a 00 flour was just too stiff and hard to bite through. So I continued with the mix of flours to get a nice chewy center and crunch exterior. The farmer’s market salad is a mix of mustard greens and tatsoi with juicy, flavorful strawberries and a tahini dressing.

I had bought 6 bags of sesame seeds to make a bunch of tahini dressing, so this was my first attempt at some nice fresh tahini! It was fairly simple and delicious. The most important takeaway from processing the seeds is to make sure that it is completely creamy and smooth before adding olive oil, otherwise the spread stays chunky. Also, toast the sesame seeds before pulverizing — it Adds a nuttier flavor to the final dressing.


Homemade Pizza (00 Flour + APF)//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


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