Homemade pizza (00 & apf dough)

Homemade pizza (00 and apf dough)

I made 2 different dough recipes. Tyler Florence’s recipe and Roberta’s Pizza Dough (pictured here). Tyler Florence’s recipe was just 00 flour and ended up being a pretty stiff dough. Difficult to stretch and texturally harder to bite through than we liked. Roberta’s stretched with ease, most likely due to the all purpose flour addition and had a fluffy crust. It actually end up being fluffier in texture than I would have liked, but I can see using this recipe as a base and then modifying to get the perfect crust…slightly chewy center and crunchy exterior. This was cooked on a pizza stone at 500 degrees with mozzarella cheese, black olives, red onions, pepperoni, crimini mushrooms and tomato sauce. I will perfect the recipe once I buy more 00 flour! 😀