Best Chicken Stock

2016-01-14 19.45.31

The best chicken stock requires a gentle and slow simmer. As seen in the top photo, the result is a pretty solid gelatin-ness state. When it was still liquid, I poured it into a quart mason jar. When I wanted to retrieve it from the jar I had to slice it up into quarters (hence the triangular pillar-shape).

I could very well have simmered this for 3 hours (the norm), but I used the pressure cooker instead. I pressure cooked about 10 chickens’ wings and tips (like a mixture of 40 wings and tips — which yielded 2# of meat when it all fell off the bone) plus one whole carcass for 30 minutes. I then let it reduce for another hour and a half with the lid off. This is the most bare bones (no pun intended) that I’ve made a chicken stock. Just chicken parts. No mirepoix or herbs. Before slurping it up I add a pinch of sea salt and kosher salt to bump up the flavor.

This chicken stock is so good it doesn’t need anything with it. And that’s how a chicken stock should be. 🙂


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