Stovetop Popcorn

Stovetop popcorn

Confession: I have never made stovetop popcorn until tonight! O_o

But hear me out. I think this is partly because I didn’t grow up eating popcorn as a snack and never really had an affinity for it until I started craving butter (of all things!) recently…and popcorn is the perfect vessel for butter! ;). But I didn’t have popcorn to go with it the other night, so I ended up buttering 3 pieces of toast just to satisfy my craving of butter! 😛

But I digress! We got some kernels today and I decided to pop them on the stovetop. For my first attempt, it turned out pretty good. They could have been completely burnt and inedible, but I followed this simplyrecipes recipe which proved to work pretty well.

I have to admit — it was quite exciting and thrilling to watch the kernels pop into a crunchy, fluffy, delectable (omg, I’m an old woman)! The surprise factor of them popping out of my pot (even with a lid slightly ajar) and falling over my stove, countertop, and kitchen floor was entertaining. If you know me, I tend to like predictability and dislike chaos…so maybe popcorn might be therapy for me. I get to face the exploding kernels and let them fall as they fall and just deal with it (OKAY, too deep. I know). 😛

One thing I did (which I wouldn’t do again): I put some kosher salt and my seasonings in with the coconut oil and kernels (right as they were popping), and found that they had a higher chance of burning by doing this. This is probably the speckled black stuff — though, not too apparent in taste. Next time, I would melt at least 4 tablespoons of butter in a clean saucepan with smoked paprika, cayenne, and chili powder, pour the melted seasonings into the stainless steel bowl and swirl it around to coat the sides (like what you would do with salad dressing, as to not overdress), pour in the popcorn, pour more butter on top and toss it to combine. The key is to have a large enough stainless steel bowl to be able to toss it (and not have it all fall out…Okay, my own OCDness kicking in again)!

Also, with this batch, I added grated parmesan — and while it was good with the spice, I think I might separate a couple different batches by seasoning: spicy (cayenne, chili powder, and smoke paprika), cheesy (parmesan), curry (curry powder), and sweet (caramel). I also may try buffalo wing popcorn, an asian inspired popcorn (soy sauce + sugar), and possibly a creole seasoning popcorn, all which sound interesting enough to try next time!


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