Travel Inspired: Polish meal

Stuffed Cabbage

Above: Stuffed Cabbage – beef, pork, onion, mushroom, carrots, rice, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, paprika, thyme, eggs.

During Thanksgiving last year I made a trip to Michigan and did a little bit of sightseeing and eating my way around the mitten. I went to Polish Village Cafe and had dill pickle soup, pierogies (all kinds), sauerkraut, stuffed cabbage, and kielbasa. It was so memorable that I needed to re-create what I had (except the kielbasa). Enjoy!

Stuffed Cabbage (raw)

Above: Stuffed Cabbage just about to be simmered.

Below: Sauerkraut (fermented)


Below: Dill pickle Soup — sounds weird, but it’s delicious! It’s basically a chicken based soup with pickles and potatoes. 😛
Polish dill pickle soup

Below: The full feast! Mashed potato pierogies (dough and filling made from scratch), sauerkraut, and stuffed cabbage. Potato pierogies turned out so good, I mean, much better than I thought they would. 😛 I wouldn’t even change the recipe for next time. But I do think having thinner rolled out dough makes it much better. These kind of remind me of Porto’s potato and meat “balls” — just without the meat, and much lighter and fluffier. It’s somewhere between a potato ball and potsticker. 😛

Polish dinner


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