In Pieces: Chocolate Fudge Entremet Cake

Chocolate fudge cake with strawberry mousse and mixed berry gelee

For the past 3 years I’ve been challenging myself to make entremet cakes for special occasions. I don’t know what count this one is, but it’s been a few — and this was the first time I was able to slow down and take pictures of the process as I went along. All other times I was always frantic to get everything completed on time. The thing that I have the most trouble remembering, but is fairly easy, is making the joconde (a sponge cake with a design, wrapped around the actual cake). So this post will document my chocolate fudge entremet cake with strawberry mousse (middle layer) and a mixed berry gelee (top)! The key to entremet cakes is having all the layers of the cake ready for assembly in order to work quickly and efficiently.

1) Spread a thin layer of  Pâte à Cigarette batter on silicon mat and use a notched spreader to create straight lines. Set in freezer for a few minutes until it is semi-hard. Next, spread the “Emmanuel” sponge cake batter over the semi-hard Pâte à Cigarette batter. Note: mixed berry gelee (top right) is prepped and waiting for assembly!

Joconde assembly

2) Bake in oven until just done (don’t brown, since this is the color of the cake’s outside). 

Baked joconde

3) Immediately, flip over onto a cutting board.

Joconde flipped

4) Cut into appropriate sized strips for the height of the cake. Set aside and work quickly for the next few steps…

Cutting the joconde

My best joconde yet — straight lines, good color!



Chocolate fudge cake layers ready to go for assembly!

Fudge cake

Strawberry mousse layer ready to go for assembly!

Strawberry mousse

5) Spread strawberry mousse on the sides of the cake (acts as “glue”). Next, arrange joconde strips around the whole cake. Press against mousse to adhere. Use a mold or cardboard to help keep the joconde set. Add a mousse layer on top of the cake.

Filling the entremet

6) Add final layer: mixed berry gelee. Add chocolate shavings and decor. 

Chocolate fudge cake with strawberry mousse and mixed berry gelee

As you can see, it’s a very time consuming process since there are multiple recipes involved. This particular cake had five:

  1. Pâte à Cigarette
  2. Emmanuel sponge cake
  3. Chocolate fudge cake
  4. Strawberry mousse
  5. Mixed berry gelee

Best to start a day or two early and leave the final day for assembly! 🙂


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