Miso black cod, purple and yellow yams, broccolini, marbled potatoes, pearled onions

Experimenting with ingredients for a later dinner

Friends were coming over for dinner and catch up so it gave me an excuse to do something different and challenge myself with ingredients I’ve never worked with before. The photo above is a practice arrangement of the ingredients I was dealing with — as well as trying them all together for the first time. It was chaotic and definitely transferred to the dish as a whole. Below is how I actually plated:

Miso black cod, purple yams, marbled potatoes, pearled onions, broccolini, and pea shoots

To go with my “asian” dinner, I made moscow mule cocktails (vodka, ginger beer, lime), and pickled cucumber, carrots, and daikon as a salad. For dessert I tested out my meyer lemon curd tarts…

Meyer Lemon curd tart

They turned out too runny so the next day I reheated the curd and it thickened up to the right texture. The tart shell was made from scratch using a rich short dough recipe. There’s nothing wrong with the tart shell except that it was finicky to work with because it requires a lot of butter which melts or gets soft quickly and changes the texture of the finished product. To combat the melting butter I would stick my dough in the freezer after each time I worked with it. That helped significantly.

All in all, this dinner was a bit disjointed and I overcooked my cod by a couple of minutes. The upside is that I got to figure out how to manually peel pearled onions, figure out the cooking time for marbled potatoes and cod, eat purple yams (that’s a first), and pea shoots (which are very strong in flavor). In any case, I would retry this and pair it down to marbled potatoes, cod, and broccolini.


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