2014 Xmas desserts

Baking ingredients


I think it’s expected that for any family get together occasion, I’m making some kind of dessert. So I had a bunch of ideas that I wanted to execute but of course, I’m way more ambitious than I was able to live up to. The photo above is prepping for the baking that overtook the kitchen for 2-3 days. Sad to say, but I went through 5# of bakers sugar at some point too. However, I messed up a component of an entremet cake that I was making (my passionfruit gelee), so maybe a pound of that sugar went into the garbage. Good and bad….I also ended up with 14+ egg whites after making meyer lemon curd. Even after making my italian meringue and italian meringue buttercream, I still had a crap ton of egg white left, so I just froze them.

Anyway, the final products that I made were:

  • Meyer lemon curd tarts with swiss meringue (blow torched)
  • A shit-ton of italian meringue buttercream (which I have mastered — woohoo! Only after many attempts at failing in the last two years though! :P)
  • Pineapple and coconut Genoise sponge cake
  • Banana bread pudding with salted caramel sauce and almond tuiles (for crunch)


Genoise sponge cake…Oh what a challenging thing to do by hand. Call me stupid or lazy, or both. Kitchen aid bowl was dirty and in the dishwasher… This is the first cake batter I ever whipped by hand. It took me nearly an hour…! After baking off one layer, I had realized that it would not be enough to feed 17 people. I called it quits at 2am and woke up at 7am to make the next layer — this time, using the kitchen aid mixer which only took 5 minutes to whip up!
Genoise sponge cake

Freshly diced pineapple with pineapple buttercream

Freshly diced pineapple with pineapple buttercream. Pineapple and buttercream were the best part.

Pineapple coconut genoise cake

Completed: Pineapple coconut genoise sponge cake

xmas desserts, minus meyer lemon curd tarts w/italian meringue

Final cake with dried pineapple slices, toasted coconut, pineapple buttercream rosettes (colored), and my sucky chocolate writing. I was too lazy to add more oil to make it more slick and smooth so the writing is nervous looking.

Banana bread pudding w/salted caramel sauce

I forgot to take pictures of my meyer lemon curd tarts and almond tuiles, but here is the banana bread pudding which was requested per my cousin. I think this might be a staple dessert I bring whenever she’s around. The cool thing about this dessert is that it literally takes 5 minutes to prep and like one hour to sit on your butt and let it cook in the oven! 😛

I’ve noticed that when I make meals or desserts overly complicated, it doesn’t really pay out. The only cool thing about making cakes is that I can practice my piping or chocolate writing and be creative. So…lesson? Simple is best for quick pay out and tasty creations. But if I want to learn and/or practice a technique, then I have to get crazy, chaotic, and choose complicated things to make. Sighs…


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