Breakfast kale salad

Breakfast kale salad

As promised, here’s another kale salad (as I sit here eating it for breakfast!): kale, homemade crutons (italian herbs), farmer’s market apples, hard boiled eggs, toasted almond, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds, fluffy quinoa(!), and lemon vinaigrette– which is now turning into more of a lemon dijon dressing (as I continue to replenish my existing jar in the fridge after continual use).

This was the first time where I made quinoa and I was pleasantly pleased. It’s like making rice on the stovetop and getting the result you’re looking for: each grain distinguishable, slightly chewy, flavorful, and most importantly, not mushy! I don’t know why so many recipes talk about using a 2:1 ratio of liquid:dry — it’s way too much, and people always recommend letting it sit after it’s cooked to evaporate more, then pouring out the rest. Bullshit! I did a 1 1/4 C liquid/h20 to 1 C dry quinoa (rinsed in a fine mesh sieve), brought to a boil uncovered, then covered and turned the heat down to low for another 20 minutes.

It reminds me of my strange method of making hard boiled eggs — a method which has not failed me yet, but is dependent on knowing your timing: Bring a pot of water (with the eggs starting inside) to a boil (approx 10 minutes depending on the stove), turn off the heat completely and cover with a lid for 15 minutes (no more, no less). It’s dependent upon getting the timing correct because you can’t look inside the egg to see whether it’s done or not. 25 minutes total — always produces a fully cooked, perfect egg — not under nor overcooked.



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