sauerkraut (1st batch)

My first attempt at sauerkraut proved to be successful! I had been making kimchi since the beginning of the year but was somehow intimidated to try making sauerkraut — even though it’s even easier to make than kimchi. Once I sucked up the courage to try it (and seemingly, did not fail), it was quite rewarding. For this batch, I used one whole head of green cabbage, and one whole purple cabbage. I also shredded some carrots and made a blended sauerkraut. All three are seasoned with garlic and dill. Next time I will use less dill and more garlic.

These are nice and crunchy and took only a couple of days to ferment at room temperature. After a couple of days at room temperature I stuck them in the fridge to slow the fermentation. I like to eat my sauerkraut on hot dogs but it is also yummy straight out of the jar, or in sandwiches. 🙂


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