Jamaica and Fig Sodas

fig soda and jamaica soda (ginger bug ferment)

I finally got a good ginger bug going and I decided to make fig soda with my ginger bug culture. The fig soda came from an idea where I had “accidentally” made a batch over the course of a month or two in the fridge. My old co-worker has a fig tree and gave us fresh figs early in the summer. I used the figs that were going bad to make a simple syrup and placed it in the fridge, forgot about it, and when we opened it up one day, it fizzled with great fervor! I tasted a little bit of it (did not get sick) and it was fine. I decided to then make another batch, but intentionally this time. Because I can never just make one thing in the kitchen, I decided to make a jamaica soda from hibiscus leaves we bought in Oaxaca over the summer. It turned out delicious and was a hit at my brother’s party where we served up tacos and burritos. The hibiscus leaves were steeped in hot water, allowed to cool and then added with the ginger bug culture to create the effervescence. I will have to make the Jamaica soda again — it is so refreshing! To get fuller faster and for a more authentic Oaxacan style drink, add chia seeds. 🙂


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