xmas/cousin’s 17th birthday cake: chocolate coffee caramel mousse

People ask me how long it takes to make these entremet cakes — and they are surprised that I actually start a week in advance. For one, I’m the type that likes to plan well in advance so that if something goes wrong I have time to fix it. The other reason why I start early is because these cakes are (to me), a massive undertaking. Each requires their own recipe — becoming quickly overwhelming when trying to do it all on the same day. While I started this cake in advance, I was still rushing on xmas day to put it all together (since some things have to be made on the day so that they stay fresh). It never turns out exactly how I envision it, but turned out close enough — so I’m happy with the result. Below are the components of the cake:

Cake layers (top to bottom):

0 – chocolate decor
1- tri-berry gelee
2 – caramel chocolate mousse
3 – fresh strawberries and toasted hazelnuts
4 – chocolate coffee sponge cake
5 – caramel chocolate mousse
6 – chocolate coffee sponge cake
outside jaconde: cigarette paste + emmanuel sponge cake


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