Caramel Rum Sauce filling

Caramel Rum Sauce filling by pipsyq
Caramel Rum Sauce filling, a photo by pipsyq on Flickr.

The first time I tried making caramel filling for bon bons, the caramel turned out crystallized and hard. They were also a pain to fill in my chocolate molds…if you can imagine trying to pour a hot/warm liquid into chocolate! However, my second attempt turned out to be successful. Recipe is below:

1 C Sugar
1 T Corn syrup
¼ C H20
½ C Heavy Cream
2 T unsalted butter, warm
1 oz Rum
1 T Vanilla extract

1. Heat and combine sugar, corn syrup and h20 in a saucepot.
2. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Stop stirring.
3. Allow sugar to bubble and become golden brown (~340 degrees F).
4. Meanwhile, heat heavy cream until warm (30 seconds in microwave). Place butter in microwave to keep soft.
5. Remove saucepot from heat once golden brown and pour in heavy cream.
6. Allow to bubble and stir to dissolve any bits.
7. Add butter and stir to melt.
8. Allow to cool and stir in any other flavorings (i.e. Rum, Bourbon, Vanilla extract, etc).
Strain before use (optional).


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