Tequila lime, lemon, and thai chili pepper ganache filled bon bons

Ganache Filling:
1.5 oz Tequila (Arette Anejo)
3 oz lemon and lime juice and zest
1 Thai red chili pepper (dried; can use a dash of cayenne too if this isn’t spicy enough)
1/2 C heavy cream
1/4 T butter
1/4 C bakers sugar

Bon Bon shell:
Guittard bittersweet chocolate couverture (72%)

Of all the bon bons I’ve made in the last month, this is my favorite filling because it turned out surprisingly, delicious — after a few flavor modifications as I went along. I needed to add extra sugar because it was too sour. I got the filling to a point where it was "fine," and when eaten as a filling (in the hard chocolate shell), it paired perfectly. This is a twist inspired off of a bon bon I had a couple of years back. To this day, I can’t remember the company’s name — but they had a lime bon bon which was memorable. I have to say though, I think mine is better. The tequila adds an extra depth of flavor and body that it would not have without it. Anyway, I share my recipe with you and hopefully someone else gets inspired to make it and let me know how they like it. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Tequila lime, lemon, and thai chili pepper ganache filled bon bons

  1. I have discovered the beauty and pleasure of working with couverture chocolate and am inspired to keep learning and practicing. I’ve been looking for a tequila/lime ganache recipe and yours is the one I’m going to try very soon!

    1. Hi Ana,
      Glad you were able to find what you’re were looking for! Let me know how my recipe turns out for you. Also, feel free to share any of your favorite ganache fillings — I am always looking for something new to try. šŸ™‚

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