strawberry white cake with raspberry buttercream

This is my attempt to make a cake at home using my culinary cookbook. My boyfriend says my culinary cookbook is shitty, since it didn’t have enough instructions to walk us through the process. We also had to convert from a large recipe to a smaller one which ended up causing a few hiccups. Though, the real issue came with the Italian buttercream not coming together and getting fluffy. In any case, I brushed simple syrup on both layers, spread a mix of raspberry puree from Mountain Food Co. (based out of Chico, CA) with our “buttercream” to create the frosting, and added one layer of freshly sliced strawberries. I ran out of buttercream to coat the whole cake a second time, so I only have a crumb coating. I was bummed that I didn’t even get to practice my piping and decoration — which was the real reason I wanted to try my hand at making a cake. Oh well, now my bf has to find a “creative” way to get rid of this cake! 😉


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