chocolate raspberry cake w/tcho chocolate (66%) buttercream

I accidentally buttered two spring form cake pans and didn’t feel like letting the second one go to waste, so I made a second cake! 😛 My bf has to suffer through 20 slices of cake, now that he’s got a strawberry white cake with raspberry buttercream and this one in his fridge. Hopefully they freeze well…

In any case, I ran out of buttercream, as I had mentioned in my other post — so I didn’t get to go all the way around the cake with the frosting again (as you can see by the dark spots). This one is just a two a layer cake, brushed with simple syrup, a tcho chocolate buttercream, and topped with fresh raspberries. I think the type of chocolate makes all the difference (even though I’m not a sweet-toothed person). We are fortunate enough to live in the San Francisco bay area where Tcho chocolate has a factory on Pier 17 where we can visit. The last time we visited, a gentleman was nice enough to talk to us about the chocolate and how the different flavors of chocolate are produced mainly from the terroir, or the geography and climate of the land. I think I also recall him talking about how it took something like 80 cacao beans to make a very small amount of chocolate. No wonder chocolate is so pricey!


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