apple puff pastry tart

apple puff pastry tart by pipsyq
apple puff pastry tart, a photo by pipsyq on Flickr.

Time consuming to prep and lay out the ingredients, but simple process in nature and super delicious. We used 4 puff pastry sheets (6 inches in width) with 1 inch borders, frangipan cream, and 10 apples. We finished it off with an apricot glaze after we baked it at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. Oh, and the key to fitting as many apples on the tart as possible is by laying the first layer of apples flat and subsequent rows are standing slanted. During the baking process, the apples will naturally fall. When glazing at the end, the trick is to dab the glaze instead of brush it since that leaves streaks. Lastly, when using powdered sugar for decor on the puff pastry borders, face the powdered sugar out toward the edge of the baking sheet so the excess falls off and not on the apples themselves. Flip the tarts so that they line up right next to the edge of the baking sheet for each dusting. Easy enough, right? 🙂


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