deep fried falafel

deep fried falafel by pipsyq
deep fried falafel, a photo by pipsyq on Flickr.

I would classify myself as a healthy eater — typically eating more vegetables, nuts, and fruits rather than meat. I am also big on s.o.l.e. (sustainable, organic, local, and ethical) food — controlling what I purchase, where reasonable. I’m also not much into fatty, greasy foods. However, there comes a time when one must tap into their darker side and enjoy some of the unhealthy things too. Everything in moderation. These falafels were originally supposed to be baked — but I gave that up when a few of them turned out like crap: dry, pale, and blah. So we used the deep fat fryer to get ~65 amazing crispy, brown falafels. I shall never be so opposed to the deep fat fryer ever again!


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